CSA 2018 week 6 July 9th      Go to this link for the full newsletter including recipes 🙂 

       This evening I split and hauled firewood to the woodshed; July having arrived has made me think of the winter to come.  There is an irony in the fact that the hottest part of the year makes me think of winter, but such is the life of the farmer and homesteader.  One must always be in preparation for the season to come, while striving to stay centered in the present. That juxtaposition is not without difficulty, and it is with practice over the years that the farmer hones the craft.

      Part of honing the craft is being willing and able to take in new information and apply it to the practice of farming.  Reading is my form of relaxation and entertainment; I love learning new things from books. I love the feel of the pages and the ideas that I gain from them.  I just finished The Good Life and Continuing the Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing, along with This Life is in Your Hands by Melissa Coleman (daughter of famed organic farmer Eliot Coleman).   

       There is much to be said for carrying on the tradition of the small, ecologically minded farm.  The burden of work can be heavy, but the thrill of the process brings a lightness to the steps. In what has come to be known as the “flow state”, the farmer moves from task to task, carrying forth the mission of production and the massage of the landscape.  It is a joy to see bountiful crops rise from the earth, and to see the soil become more rich and fertile over time.

       We share a journey, engaged in the tradition of agriculture and an exchange of nourishment from our farm to you.  This journey is fraught with potential difficulty, but blessed with deep meaning and spirit. Being a farmer means getting back up when nature knocks you down; it means getting knocked down again, and still getting back up.  Being a farmer also means that you engage in commerce; the saying goes “you’re a gardener until you sell something.” As such, we appreciate you for giving us the opportunity to be farmers!

        With cabbages and beets in the share this week, you have an amazing opportunity to try out the simple kraut recipe on the back of this newsletter.  We have been enjoying both sauerkraut and kimchi made by friends and are looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of making our own. We’ve been loving summer squash and greens in our many stir-frys, starting with browned onion, garlic and meat, gathering in the flavor of caramelization to liven up the fresh, simple ingredients.  Try also the zucchini fries recipe if you are looking for a delicious and different way of preparing summer’s bounty.

        As always, it is a pleasure to share this journey with you, much love and appreciation from Team HappyDay!