CSA 2018 week 15 Sept 10th

      We are back from a weekend at Usal, the Southern end of the Lost Coast.  It was a weekend of glorious weather on the beach; unplugged and disconnected from all forms of media but connecting with dozens of people we hold dear.  Community events and get togethers are crucial points for check-in and sharing of experience. We are passing through the journey of life in close proximity and have much in common.

      This has been a hectic summer, and the respite provided some much needed downtime.  A recharge of the batteries before the final sprint of harvest. In order to sharpen the blade, it is necessary to take a break from work.  Time to explore the threads that we use to create community adds a level and layer to experience, binding us together and weaving over time. Playing music around the fire at night brings opportunity for co-creation and Presence in the rhythm.  

      The flow state of presence that is achieved playing music is an example and methodology for living.  Trust and faith in the principles of rhythm and cadence creates opportunity for free-flow expression; applying this method to living and interacting is the task of a lifetime.  

      All we can ever do is choose what we think is the right path of action in life, but we have agency over how we approach and make choices.  The opportunity to expand knowledge and understanding creates an opportunity for more informed choice, based on core values. By holding our decision making processes against concepts like sustainability or human rights, we are able to strive to create better action over time.  

       Presence becomes the ability to see and make decisions in the most effective and beneficial way possible; a trusting and faith in the rhythm of life.  A sense of honor and responsibility is inherent in the attempt to choose right work and make right choices. Presence allows the true self to shine, and supports this same process in others.

      I’ve been thinking about the ability to experience and to express love, and reflecting on the ways in which we relate to each other as humans.  I’ve been noticing that when I connect with people through a state of unconditional love and presence, the results are charging and electric. I am also aware that I am not always capable of connecting in this way, and that the difference is notable.  When I carry negativity or judgment, a different interaction occurs.

       There is so much to learn, and so many teachers and teaching moments.  Learning to become a better person is like sharpening a blade for harvesting; you reap more bounty with a sharp blade.  Taking time to connect, learn, and recharge is the sharpening of the blade that allows the harvest of knowledge to occur.  Everyone we encounter has a lesson or piece of knowledge for the puzzle that is our understanding of life, IF we are present enough to access it.  

       The older I get, the more I realize how little I know, and how much I have to learn.  I relish the opportunity to engage in conversation and to seek information. I am learning to listen more and talk less; I am learning to sharpen the blade.  

       I have a deep, soulful appreciation for the many people and situations that have offered me knowledge of self and the world around me.  I acknowledge the length of the journey that remains, and accept my place within it. I love myself first, and this offers the freedom to seek answers in the world and to strive to be my best self.  I strive to accept my failings and weaknesses without judgement, and to seek betterment at each step.

       Betterment comes in many forms, and we each have opportunity to bring unique gifts and skill sets.  For us here at HappyDay, we are passionate about food systems work and the steady re-imagination of agriculture; it is a joy to share this journey with you!  Much love and appreciation! 🙂